200HR & 500HR Yoga Teacher Trainings

Updated: May 13, 2020

Welcome to 200HR Bhakti - pilgrimage to the Heart, and

500HR Feminine Kundalini Yoga Teacher Training Platform

Lead Master Yoga Teacher Shakti DEVI (Vita Sireikis) 500 E-RYT, YACEP Certified in Hatha, Tantra and Classical Kundalini Yoga Vita started teaching yoga in Chicago over 10 years ago. Since then, she's traveled to India, has studied Yogic scriptures and Sanskrit language at the University in India, spent time living in Ashram with traditional Yogis and Sages, and trained dozens of teachers

______________________________________________________ 200HR Yoga Teacher Training - Journey into the Heart is a transformative 9 month-long course designed to establish a thorough foundation in all the essential elements of living and teaching the ancient system of yoga.  The underlying theme of the training will be to connect with the heart and rediscover the sacredness within ourselves, each other, and the world. It is almost impossible to sum up the breadth of wisdom and experience that one acquires in yoga teacher training; not only pouring from the teachers and the eternal well of yoga teachings themselves, but from the innate wisdom held in each participant and from the organic unfolding of group wisdom as well. 

200HR Yoga Teacher Training - Journey into the Heart

The right of your lifetime is awakening to the truth of who you are. Yoga offers a path to claim your Authentic Self. By claiming YES to a deeper self-exploration, you divinely manifest the greater good not only for yourself, but for the world. *********** WHAT TO EXPECT * learn about yoga from great teachers rooted in authentic yoga tradition * friendly and supportive atmosphere * great staff of guest teachers / you’ll learn more than you think possible * small group size * deep study of yoga philosophy * mantra meditation and kirtan * free yoga classes at the studio!

500 HR Feminine Classical Kundalini Yoga Teacher Training is unlike any yoga training you've done before. Our focus is less on the rigid, alignment-focused and forced asanas (often based on a 15-year old male body, as well as Indian martial arts and army training), and more on the innate circular and spiral movements of the body’s natural flow of life force. The movements aren’t strict and codified, but are reflective of an ancient lineage that flows through the bones of women. The movements respect the innate intelligence and intuition of a woman’s body. The practices bow deeply to the sacred relationship that a woman has with her own form, and through her own experience. We, (the team of powerful women, healers and yoginis ) believe that true yoga lies in the intimate relationship of soul and body, psyche and soma. The process relies on a deep trust in the intelligence that lives inside us all - a cellular intelligence that unconsciously knows how to move the body when given the appropriate guidance and space. This training is a beautiful combination of Feminine form asana, Innate breath work, Sound/mantra chanting, Reiki energy healing, Free-flow/dancing, Sacred Women's Circle, Cacao ceremony,  Intellectual inquiry, Emotional release, as well as meditative process of allowing the shakti to rise and manifest!

Created from Yogic studies and practices, this platform is for dedicated yoginis looking to become not only an Advanced (500 HR) Yoga teachers, but also a healers and intuitive guides, full of inner wisdom and knowledge. The broad offering of this course is designed to touch on all aspects of your being - physical, emotional, psychological and spiritual. You will experience and leave this trainings different, and yet more authentically you. Think of this unique training as the ultimate teacher prep course, as well as a master immersion for those who may not be interested in becoming a yoga teacher, but who seek deep personal evolution.  Training is offered in 3 modules (100 HR each). These modul