ART Exhibition (Saturday)

Book presentation for kids (Sunday)

Coming up in June, 2021


Art for me is powerful and a mysterious companion. Art changes my life. Without art I can only imagine what my life would be: black, chaotic, empty.


Art changes my thinking, my understanding, my communication, my teaching, even my expressions of love. Once you start thinking about art, you can not stop. It fills you up and consumes you like a love affair or a sickness. Yet, I feel lucky to have this beneficial “sickness”.


My understanding of life, about people and the things surrounding me is forever changed by art. Art is my companion. I work with art; art works with me. I feel my art is like music – mysterious, powerful, at times coming from places deep inside my soul, structured, yet unbounded, permeated with my love, with a sense of awe.


Art is total freedom, like a game, where I make the rules. With art I can express my self and communicate my vision, I dance to the music of life in my art.