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CERTIFICATION COURSE with Anne Onute Savickas

What makes You feel more You?

We are excited to announce that Anne (Onute) Savickas will be teaching classes starting in February 2021. Anne is a spiritual mentor, motivational speaker, energy healing practitioner and amazing human being who wants to share her knowledge with You…

Series will consist of 4 session classes starting February 28th, 10am-2pm:

Session 1: Sacred Space/Journeying

Participants will learn how to ground, center and create sacred space. Sacred Space serves as a

container to begin and hold one’s spiritual practice. Participants will then learn a shamanic journeying technique. This practice will teach one how to spiritually travel consciously for inspiration, guidance and assistance. Participants will learn how to safely and consciously travel to the lower world to meet a body protector and guardian and to the upper world to meet with a spiritual teacher and guardian.​

Session 2: Cord Cutting, March 20th, 4pm-8pm

Building upon the first session, participants will now learn how to cut and dismantle energetic cords for personal healing and attunement. Participants will be shown a process and will practice this skill within a safe landscape and will learn how to recognize and release any unwanted or nonbeneficial energetic links or ties. Sovereignty and energetic cleansing techniques will be demonstrated and practiced.

Session 3: Soul Retrieval/Healing with Spiritual Light, April 25th, 10am-2pm

Participants will earn how to find, clear, and retrieve energetic and soul energy that had been hidden, lost or given away helping one restore wholeness. In addition, a method of healing with Spiritual Light taught by Sandra Ingermann will be demonstrated and practiced for personal healing and regeneration.

Session 4: Psychopomp and Mediumship, May 16th, 10am-2pm

Participants will practice and be introduced to conscious mediumship and the middle world. All

techniques and practices previously discussed and reviewed will be applied more in depth. Participants will connect with Helping/Guardians who will assist and guide in crossing over and moving energy and spirits. Participants will learn about aspects of the Middle world and will begin a more in depth application of basic journeying skills to apply within their own spiritual practice and calling.


Each session will build upon the previous one, so its important that you commit to all 4. You will learn about deeper self, understand, develop and explore your own beautiful gifts. Class size is limited to 12 registered participants only. Between sessions, Anne will remain available as a coach and resource.


Cost of Series course is $500 and it is paid at a time of a registration.


For more information about Anne, visit annesavickas.com and for questions about classes call or text 708-691-9084


***Since it is a limited space and once you commit, the cost is not refundable***

The journey begins, so hop on a train and explore…


About Anne

Anne Savickas  is a spiritual mentor, motivational speaker, energy healing practitioner and teacher, empath, ordained minister, and registered nurse.  

Anne carries a bachelor's degree in nursing from Saint Xavier University School of Nursing, and a master's degree in child and family law from Loyola University School of Law.  She has worked in hospitals, outpatient, healthcare, corporate, school, and community settings throughout her career, while also serving as a scout leader/youth mentor for over 16 years. 


Passionate in the field of energy, spirituality, and consciousness practices that enhance the health, balance, and wellness of the body, mind, spirit, and soul, Anne was encouraged to share what she has learned with others.  She has now dedicated her career to teaching and sharing her skills with the general public in a variety of personal and group settings.  

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